Research has become an integral part of our day-to-day lives and its applications have permeated every field that we can think of. Over the years, marketing research has gained immense popularity and a lot of companies and consultants in this domain have begun offering syndicated or customized research data to clients globally.

However, many companies or individuals are reluctant to acknowledge that they are not adept is research and depend solely on third party contacts or data providers. Furthermore, many companies and individuals do not know the difference between analytics and research.
In many places they are considered the same thing without realizing that they are two different subjects which only have the same principal roots. The same problem extends to interpretation of research reports and data where employees or students do not know how to explain their findings or comprehend data figures.

Actionesque Consulting realized this need and has made it possible for companies or individuals to undergo a short training session online or offline - on Market Research, its applicability, its benefits, its dangers and understanding it to the extent for successful negotiations with data consultants.


We offer budget-friendly Day-workshops which are online, hourly-based and cover a range of topics including scope for slightly customized content based on the client requirement.


Based on a 2-day weekend, this online interactive workshop is designed like a crash course that will be customized to cover all the fundamental aspects of research and analytics in a corporate or management perspective. Each participant will work in a team and will be individually quizzed to test their learning at the end. On successful completion a detailed scorecard and certificate will be provided.

(*requires 5 or more participants)

Some of the topics that are typically requested for coaching –

  • 20th Century Branding
  • Marketing Research for Entrepreneurs,
  • Evolution of Research at the workplace
  • Big Data vs Small Data
  • Role of Analytics
  • Quantitative Research Methods
  • Blog (technical & non-technical)
  • Corporate Reports/Briefs
  • Data Report (including data or analytical interpretations)
  • SPSS at a glance
  • Armchair and Fudged Research
  • The Ideal Questionnaire
  • Surveys made Easy!
  • Critical role of Small Data
  • Globalization vs Localization
  • Rural research in India
  • Armchair and Fudged Research